Traditional Christmas Food in the Philippines

Dishes and drinks that are Filipino favorites during the holiday season of Pasko.

1. tsokolate
hot chocolate, the drink most enjoyed by Filipinos during Christmas

2. salabat
warm ginger tea, a traditional drink after early morning mass

3. puto bumbong
purple-colored rice treat cooked in upright bamboo tubes

4. bibingka
flat cake served on banana leaves and topped with a pat of butter and grated coconut

5. ensaymada
a soft, fluffy pastry topped with finely grated cheese and white sugar

6. leche flan (from the Spanish word for milk: leche)
velvety custard made with egg yolks, has a rich caramelized topping

7. imported keso de bola (from the Spanish queso de bola)
ball of Edam cheese usually with a red covering, a traditional Christmas food

8. macaroni salad, prepared with Lady's Choice mayonnaise
Filipinos consider it stylish and classy to serve Western foods

9. fruit salad, almost always with a mix of sweet condensed milk and cream

10. roasted kastanyas
piping-hot chestnuts (from the Spanish castañas)

11. hamon, especially jamón dulce
sweet-cured Christmas ham (from the Spanish jamon)

12. lechon or litson
whole suckling pig, roasted

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