Infer to Infidelity

Please note that this dictionary contains English, Spanish and Tagalog words from the early 20th century, quite a few of which are obsolete. The spelling and meaning of the words herein may be slightly different from current usage. Still, we believe it is a useful reference for those studying Philippine literature and documents from that time period.

Infer, v. [infér]
Inferir, deducir.
Paghang̃uan, paghuluan, pagkuruan.

Inference, n. [ínferens]
Inferencia, ilacion.
Paghang̃ò, paghulò, pagkurò.

Inferior, adj. [infírior]
Mababà sa iba, lalong mababà.

Inferiority, n. [infirióriti]
Kababaan sa iba, lalong kababaan.

Infernal, adj. [inférnal] (relating to hell)
Nauukol sa impyerno.

Infertile, adj. [infértil]
Infecundo, esteril.

Infertility, n. [infœrtíliti]
Infecundidad, esterilidad.
Kabasalan, pagkabasal.

Infest, v. [infést]

Infidel, adj. [ínfidel]
Lilo, taksil, pusóng, sukáb.

Infidel, n. [ínfidel]
Infiel, pagano.
Hindî kristyano.

Infidelity, n. [infidéliti]
Infidelidad, deslealtad.
Paglililo, kataksilan, kapusung̃án, kasukabán.

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