'Where' in Tagalog

The Tagalog word for 'where' is saan.

Saan ka nakatira?
Where do you live?

Saan ka pupunta?
Where are you going?

From where?
- asking for a place of origin

Taga-saan ka?
Where are you from?

Saan mo gustong kumain?
Where would you like to eat?

Saan ang paborito mong tambayan?
Where's your favorite hangout?

Saan is two syllables: "sa-an."  It may sound like 'san' when spoken quickly in a sentence, but it is never written that way.

Is where?

Nasaan ka?
Where are you?

Nasaan siya?
Where is he/she?

Nasaan sila?
Where are they?

Nasaan ang kotse?
Where's the car?

Nasaan ang ______?
Where's the _______?

Nasaan is three syllables: "na-sa-an." Said hurriedly, it may come out sounding like 'na-san' but don't write it that way on tests.