'What Do You Want?' in Tagalog

Anong gusto mo?
What do you want?

Alin ang gusto mo?
Which do you want?

Ito ang gusto ko.
This is what I want.

The word gusto can mean both 'want' and 'like.'

Gusto mo ba ito?
Do you want this? = Do you like this?

Oo, gusto ko 'yan.
Yes, I want that. = Yes, I like it.

Gusto kita.
I like you.

Hindi 'yan ang gusto ko.
That's not what I want.  = That's not what I like.

Gusto ko ito.
I want this. = I like this.

Gusto ko ng _______.
I want ________.
I like ________.

Gusto ko ng tinapay.
I want bread. = I like bread.

Gusto mo ba ng _______ ?
Do you want ________?
= Would you like ________?

Gusto mo ba ng tsa?
Do you want some tea?
Do you like tea?
= Would you like some tea?

Anong gusto mong gawin?
What would you like to do? = What do you want to do?

Gusto kong lumabas.
I'd like to go out.

Anong gusto mong kainin?
What would you like to eat? = What do you want to eat?

Gusto kong kumain ng hamburger.
I'd like to eat a hamburger. = I want to eat a hamburger.

Anong gusto mong inumin?
What would you like to drink? = What do you want to drink?

Gusto kong uminom ng tubig.
I'd like to drink water. = I want to drink water.

Anong gusto mong panoorin?
What would you like to watch? = What do you want to watch?

Gusto kong manood ng laro.
I'd like to watch a game. = I want to watch a game.

With older people, remember to add the respectful word po.