Study 'Kahit Saan'

The man speaking in this love poem is addressing someone he is totally in love with. It would be difficult for a woman to listen to this poem and not be moved by his passion.

Kahit Saan

sa mga daang nillalakaran mo
in the streets you walk upon


puting bulaklak
white flower

nahihiyang tumunghay sa iyo
embarrassed to raise its face towards you

Irog, iya’y ako!
Beloved, that would be me!

Kung may isang ibong
If there is a bird

tuwing takipsilim
whenever night approaches

ikaw’y awitan sa gabing malalim
sing to you in the deep night

isang paruparo ang iyong nakita
a butterfly you see

Iya’y ako, Sinta!
That's me, Love!