Telling Time in Tagalog

Filipinos most commonly use Spanish numbers to tell time.

  Anong oras na?
What time is it?

One o'clock.

Five o'clock.

Alas-singko ng umaga.
Five o'clock in the morning.

Alas-singko ng hapon.
Five o'clock in the afternoon.

Alas-dyes ng gabi.
Ten o'clock at night.

1:00 ala-una - one o'clock 2:00 alas-dos - two o'clock 3:00 alas-tres - three o'clock 4:00 alas-kwatro - four o'clock 5:00 alas-singko - five o'clock 6:00 alas-sais - six o'clock 7:00 alas-siyete - seven o'clock 8:00 alas-otso - eight o'clock 9:00 alas-nwebe - nine o'clock 10:00 alas-dyes - ten o'clock 11:00 alas-onse - eleven o'clock 12:00 alas-dose - twelve o'clock

ala una y medya
half past one

alas dose kwarenta y singko

limang minuto
five minutes

Limang minuto lang.
Just five minutes.

Nasa oras.
On time.

Wala nang oras.
There's no time.